a Healthy Disdain


Christmas more or less lost its magic for me when I stopped believing in Santa, but that’s not to say I don’t participate in an annual ritual that marries rabid consumerism with religious fervor.  For me, said ritual occurs between early and mid-September, and is called the Toronto International Film Festival, or TIFF for short.

Here’s what’s on my slate for 2010’s ten days of TIFF-mas (all links are to official TIFF film profiles):

Friday, September 10th:

10PM – I’M STILL HERE (USA, Casey Affleck)

Saturday, September 11th:

930AM – BIUTIFUL (Mexico, Alejandro González Iñárritu)

1159PM – BUNRAKU (USA, Guy Moshe)

Sunday, September 12th:

930PM – OUR DAY WILL COME (France, Romain Gavras)

Monday, September 13th:

630PM – THE GAME OF DEATH (France, Christophe Nick, Thomas Bornot)

Tuesday, September 14th:

9PM – LEAP YEAR (Mexico, Michael Rowe)

Wednesday, September 15th:

915PM – KABOOM (USA, Gregg Araki)

Thursday, September 16th:

445PM – A SCREAMING MAN (Chad, Mahamat-Saleh Haroun)

Friday, September 17th:

930PM – CONFESSIONS (Japan, Tetsuya Nakashima)

Saturday, September 18th:

9PM – BLACK SWAN (USA, Darren Aronofsky)

Sunday, September 19th:

12PM – COLD FISH (Japan, Tsumetai Nettaigyo)

3PM – THE TRIP (UK, Michael Winterbottom)

6PM – SUBMARINE (UK, Richard Ayoade)

Somewhere in there I hope to publish some reviews.  Until then, a merry TIFF-mas to one and all.


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